3D Dress

Every woman wants a basic dress that accompanies her from work to the social event. This striped organic cotton dress has natural dyeing with Euclea. Among the details that mark the body at waist height, it gains impact with the removable 3D capulana applique on the sleeves.

Photos taken in Marracuene.

Harvesting and dyeing with the Katembe community.

Collectible clothes with 3D localized prints

One of AfroRicky's challenges is to establish the same relationship with the brand's Clean seams and parts interchangeable. Classical modeling. Pants, shorts and shirt that simulate unique pieces. A collection for practicality inspired by the tropical, hot and humid climate of the savannah's wild nature Afroricky's challenge is to reinforce fashion with local identity and global design.

A journey of creativity that in recent years has been reaching other markets beyond the continent.

Images captured in the Maputo Special Reserve.
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